Construction & development


Nelson Construction & Development:
Building on Relationships

If you want a building to stand the test of time, you use strong materials that are time-tested. The same goes with founding a commercial construction company. The sign on our door may be new to some, but those of us who walk through daily it have been deeply involved in the industry for decades. No longer limited by singular bandwidth, our team of experienced engineers, contractors, and technicians can now handle every stage of construction, from design and pre-construction to building and contracting.

Just like the Siouxland communities we are proud to serve, we are stronger company because of our relationships, and the combined experience of our team speaks for itself.


What we do

We are a commercial construction firm that handles $5-$6 million remodels and new builds. From schools to fire stations to local businesses, we handle all stages of construction from blueprints to finishing touches.



We believe in providing the highest quality commercial construction for the best value.  We believe in creating a legacy that lives on through craftsmanship, whether it's by remodeling an existing structure or laying fresh footings for a new idea.

Our company was founded on partnership, and we carry that through to our clients and to the Siouxland communities we serve.